Friday, November 9, 2012

The Animation Generator

In this blog post I will quickly go over the animation features available in the MapProvision viewer portal.

You can animate the data symbology between any two raster or interpolation layers.

Below the viewer is showing layers representing different models of flood scenarios for the greater Boston area as raster layers.

You can animate between any two layers by clicking the "Animation Generator" Button to display the animation box. This box is where you can drag the two layers to that you want to animate.

Once you have dragged two layers into the animation box the start button will be enabled.

You can now click Start to start the animation.

You can zoom and move the map and the animation will adjust the symbology to show the full spread of the data in the map's bounds.

You can stop the animation by clicking Stop.

You can clear the layers from the box by clicking Clear.

The layers can be regenerated in the tree by clicking Refresh.

You can also adjust the animation's duration, blur, opacity, grid size, and symbology by right clicking the layer while it is in the layer tree before it is dragged into the generator and selecting Symbology. These settings can also have their defaults set permanently in the MapProvision Manager application.

Below is an example MapProvision Viewer where you can experiment with animating the different layers and adjusting their symbology.

+ Full Screen

You can create your own animations with your own data and embed these on your website for free. To get started go the to MapProvision Home Page and launch the Manager.

Or check out this previous blog post showing you how you can share your geo data on your website in 5 minutes.

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  1. Wow tried this works great amazing to see animation on a map. Really easy and intuitive to use.